Are you planning a trip? Or want to discover history, culture and architecture interesting points of your region? Do you know the best restaurants of your favourite kind of food in your city? You can find all of them and more in Pachatary, and save them in your device!

With Pachatary you can publish your trip diaries, write down things you want to visit, or just create your experiences and places you like most… and share it with your friends!

App’s main screen is composed by three tabs:

  • Your profile with your experiences, where you handle your content.
  • Explore section, where you can also search by word or location.
  • Saved experiences, quick access to your favourite content.

MyExperiences Explore Saved

Each experience is composed by scenes, that are something that happened or can happen on a place. There are two ways to view an experience with its scenes:

  • Like a blog post, with their pictures and descriptions.
  • Over a map, to locate the place of each scene.

Here you can also save or share the experience.

Experience Scenes Map

There are some other parts to handle person welcoming, registration, content edition… but the described above are the core of the app. Simple but with infinite possibilities!

Open this link with your Android or iPhone device to give it a try!