Taddapp is an Android application that allows you to add text to images. It’s very easy to use and also very fast (you can open, edit and share an image with less than 10 clicks and 30 seconds). What is innovative and different from other apps is that this one has the fonts already setup, so the user doesn’t have to configure them (that makes the app easier and faster too). Furthermore, the fonts are pretty and carefully designed and there are lots of them. Thus, the app can be used in very different contexts, image types and styles, there are infinite combinations.

You can see a lot of samples in our Instagram account. The application can be downloaded from our small landing page or directly from the Google Playstore.

Taddapp examples

After this brief introduction, I’m going to summarize the project history from inside:

The idea was born a couple of years ago and our purpose was to develop the project as an experiment to learn, before starting something bigger. We were just my designer friend David Mundo and me. The idea was simple but we gave it an innovative touch with the fonts setup (apart from the usability and agility distinctions).

We started developing the product and launched a prototype, which the user seemed to like. Nevertheless, after a few months the statistics became flat. We used to work on Taddapp in our free time so after releasing a few bug-fixing updates we had to put the project aside.

A year later, people was still using the app so we decided to get back to work. We didn’t want to implement new features but to improve what we’ve done by adding more and better fonts, fixing some errors and improving the generated image quality. Finally, in September 2015, we launched Taddapp 2.0, which was also welcomed by the users and is still used today (around 5k unique users per month).

The main goal of the project was to learn and I can say we have achieve it. Not only to learn about development and design stuff, but about creativity, UX, product, user testing, lean project management, analytics, release, community management, marketing…

Although it is not a really successful project, we have enjoyed the process, we have reached our goals, we have made it and the most important thing: we use it and we are glad of it!