Tampanada Radio

Tampanada Radio is a little radio station created by a group of people from Pallars to spread news and culture of that place, always with a touch of humor.

The website offers the visitors information about the project, as well as the possibility to listen live streaming and podcasts.

We also decided to develop native mobile applications to make the radio easier to listen.


Main Activity Foreground Service

First release is very simple: just a play/pause button and a foreground service to play online streaming. It uses google’s ExoPlayer as player engine. That player is managed by a service, which communicates its state to the activity broadcasting messages and also shows a foreground notification with a little player menu. ExoPlayer’s retry policy has been overriden to improve network errors recovery.

Project code is available on Github and can be easily tunned to create your own radio station (feel free to do it!). Application is already available on Google Play Store.


Coming soon…